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How To Win A Freestyle Competition

Published on : 27-10-16

The Untold Strategies To Win Your First Football Freestyle Competition

Winning a freestyle football competition is definitely one of the ultimate goals of all the skills athletes who practices football freestyle. The reason is clear and straightforward as that's the shortcut to glamour, fame and recognition. Thanks to the popularity of the sport, there are plenty of freestyle football competitions that are available in the world. Before you join the competition, it's advisable to understand the framework and regulations of the football freestyle competition. Nevertheless, such knowledge is still insufficient to bring back your first trophy of the football freestyle competition. Generally, there are three important judging aspects for football freestyle competition which are technicality, control and creativity. The player who excels in these three aspects during the competition will stand a higher chances to win. In the following paragraph, we are going to guide you in details on how to win your first trophy in football freestyle competition.

Make A Moves Listing

It's advisable to start preparing yourself at least 1 month before the competition to ensure you are skillfully. tactically and mentally ready for the competition. The very first thing you can do is grabbing a paper and list down all the freestyle moves that you can execute them stably. Then, the next thing you should do is start forming your 30 seconds routines. During the competition, the 30 seconds routines are your weapons to attack or counter your opponents. Since you are going through 3 rounds of 30 seconds during the battle, you are advisable to prepare at least 3 sets of 30 seconds routines.

Construct 30 Seconds Routines

So how to form a strong set of 30 seconds routines? Remember the freestyle moves listing that you have just created by using a paper, now it's the time to utilize it. You are going to utilize the moves that you have mastered and make them into 3 sets of 30 seconds routine. For instance, if you know how to do some groundmoves and airmoves. You can begin your first routine by doing some basic groundmove and make a transition into airmoves by flicking the ball up. This is the part which you can get creative and differentiate yourself as compare to other athletes. While creating the 3 sets of 30 seconds routines, try not to repeat your moves as the judges are not going to get impressed by that. While arranging the moves, try to put all your ultimate moves or combos in the last few seconds of your routine in order to impress the judge. This is the stage that you will spend most of your time as you require more time to conceptualize and combine your moves into routines. International football freestyle athletes often constitute up to 10 sets of routines to hedge their opponents. 

Intense Training for Routines


After you have conceptualized your 3 sets of routines, it's time practice them. Now, you have to forget about learning new moves until the competition is over. From now onwards, you have to allocate quality training time for each routine as they are your critical success factors in winning the competition. While practicing your routine, it's always advisable to record yourself by using phone or other recording devices as a performance appraisal process. You can evaluate your style, stability, flow of executing the tricks and ensure the routine is falling within the time frame of 30 seconds by looking back at the training video of your routines. 

Competition Day

Finally, the day to harvest your hard work has come. It always advisable to grab a light breakfast prior the competition to gain energy but avoid over consumption of food that lead to constipation. After you reach the competition venue, try not to disclose your routines in the public or look at your opponent's routine as this will create more tension for yourself prior to the competition. You may find a hidden corner to warm up and have a quick practice on all your routines. When the competition begin, clear all the thoughts in your mind, stay focus on the routine sets that you have prepared and take a deep breath before you go to the battle round. During the battle rounds, you must strategically select your routines to response to your opponents move. For instance, if your opponent is showing a strong uppers set, directly responding him with your uppers routine set is not strategic. Hence, you may choose your airmove routine sets to counter his uppers set. Then, you will leave the judges to decide who is the winner for that particular round. All you need is winning 2 out of 3 rounds during the battle. If you are fortunate enough to qualify into semi or final rounds, you may need to take higher risk on your moves in order to impress the judges and win the competition.  You may arrange all the high risk moves in the last few seconds of your battle routines. In a nutshell, if you follow the guidelines discussed above, you will stand a higher chances in winning your first trophy of the football freestyle competition.

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