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Enter The World Of Freestyle Football

Published on : 24-06-16

Origin Of Freestyle And How It Works

Football freestyle is a new, trendy and fast growing sport in the world which is originated from Europe countries when people actually start juggling the ball by using all body parts. It was first spotted being performed by the football legends such as Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, Edgar Davies and Robinho in Youtube videos and TV commercials. Since then, the sport has rapidly spread among the youth around the world due to its coolness and uniqueness. According to the statistic done by D Skills Academy, there are approximately 50,000 active atheletes who involve in this sport by the end of year 2015 and the community is escalating everyday.

Football Freestyle Champion - Sean Garnier, France

It's About Personal Style, Character And Creativity

Now fooball freestyle has transformed into a far more exciting, tehcnical, complex and spectacular independent sport. It is beyond just merely juggling the ball by using legs or head. The revolution begins when people start doing variations and tricks such as around the world while juggling the ball. There are no rules and boundaries for football freestyle as the atheletes can do any tricks according to his personal stance, style and ideas. Nevertheless, football freestyle moves can still be sub-divided into 3 categories in overall which are uppermoves, airmoves and sitdown. Uppermoves indicates ball tricks done by incorporating upperbody parts such as neck, head, shoulder and chest. Airmoves indicates juggling tricks done by using legs such as around the world and crossover. Lastly, sitdown indicates juggling tricks done while sitting or laying down on the floor.  

Phillip Warren Gertsson from Norway at WFFC final, London in 2013

International Football Freestyle Competition

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