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Competitions for Football Skills Athletes

Published on : 10-10-16

I Am A Rookie Football Skills Athlete, Which Competitions Can I Join?

Have you ever thought that it's time to show your football skills to the world and build some fame for yourselves after countless hours of practice? Thanks to the popularity of the sport, there are lots of national and international platforms for you to kick start your exciting journey. Generally, there are two types of major competitions for skills athletes like you which are Football Freestyle Competition and Panna Knockout Competition. 

D Skills Football Freestyle Championship (D.F.F.C)

It's always advisable to start small first to gain experiences and confidence before entering the larger competitions. For your information, D.F.F.C is an annual in-house football freestyle competition which is specially organized for D Skills Academy's students from various international schools and it's weekend centers at Kota Damansara, Subang and Klang. There will be two types of competitions for D.F.F.C this year which are Football Freestyle Competition and Panna Knockout Competition. The competition formats will be following the international guidelines. The exact date for D.F.F.C 2016 is still yet to be announced but most likely it will be falling on early of December. Kindly follow our official Facebook page for more updates regarding to the competition. 

Red Bull Street Style (R.B.S.S)

Red Bull Street Style is an international football freestyle competition which is sponsored and organized by Red Bull. It's the ancestor and it ha created the first set of rules and frameworks for the football freestyle competition which are still being adopted until today. During the competition. 2 players will face off each other on the battle stage as they have 3 rounds of 30 seconds time frame to take turn and showcase their juggling skills. Players will win the battle round by getting the most votes from the judging panel as decisions are based on the players' technique, creativity and control. Now, the competition is held annually in lots of countries around the world and the champions from each country have the opportunity to represent his or her nation to compete in World Final. The registration fee for the competition is free of charge. The live stream of the competition is always available during the World Final. Kindly visit their website to verify whether the competition is available in your country.


Superball is a world open football freestyle competition which is organized by the members of Football Freestyle Federation (F3). The competition is basically open to all the football freestyle athletes in world regardless of your age and level of skills. Besides that, it also offers large varieties of competition framework other than the ordinary 1 vs 1 knockout format such as double routine, ironman, showflow etc. The registration fee of the competition is free of charge. However, the pitfall is going to be your own expenditure of booking your own accommodation and flight ticket to the competition venue which is normally held in Europe country. Nevertheless, it's still a good investment as you can make lots of international friends throughout the events, gain valuable memories and experiences during the competition. The live stream of the competition is always available during the final. Kindly visit their website for more updates of the competition.

Asia Football Freestyle Championship (A.F.F.C)

Asian Football Freestyle Championship is a world open football freestyle championship which is organized by one of the key members of Football Freestyle Federation (F3), Nam The Man. The competition is  open to all the football freestyle athletes from Asia region regardless of their age and level of skills. In order to join the competition, the athlete has to book his or her own accommodation and flight ticket to the competition venue which is normally held in Asian countries. Besides that, the participants of the competition will be imposed a small registration fee to join the competition. The participants can earn themselves the working ranking points which are sanctioned by F3 by joining and winning the competition. Kindly visit their website for more updates of the competition.

World Football Freestyle Championship (W.F.F.C)

World Football Freestyle Championship is an international football freestyle competition which is organized by Football Freestyle Federation (F3). It is an enclosed competition whereby only invited top football freestyle athletes in the world are allowed to join the competition. The selection of the athletes is purely based on the world ranking points of the athletes which can be earned through the competitions sanctioned by F3. Nevertheless, it's a competition that you would never want to miss as all the elite athletes in the world will be competing on the same stage. The live stream of the competition is always available during the final. Kindly visit their website to for more of the competition. In a nutshell, rookie football skills athletes should join more competitions in order to build their stage experiences and also fame throughout the process. Certainly, there are tons of football freestyle competitions that are available in Malaysia and other countries. We will also keep you posted about any upcoming competitions on our official Facebook page. Hence, kindly like our page now if you haven't done it!

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