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Why Footballers Should Learn Skills

Published on : 31-01-19


Skills That Pay The Bills

For the past decades, we have seen lots of professional football players who are skillful such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Eden Hazard and Neymar. They are getting more recognition and success in career as compared to other players in terms of ambassador fee, transfer market value and commercial appearance. According to Complex Magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo has over 37.7 million Twitter followers and makes about $250,000 for his sponsored posts. CIES has released a list of Top 100 transfer values in 2016 on 4th Jan Monday, whereby Lionel Messi is at No.1 with €250.7 million. He is named as the most valuable football player in 2016. His Barca teammate Neymar Jr is ranked 2nd in transfer market value with €152.7 million.The reason is very apparent as they are equipped with something while others don't, which is extraordinary football skills. In fact, people only admire someone who is special due to scarcity.


Hence, you shouldn't let anyone control your fate in life. You need a revolutionized mindset in order to excel in competitive and uncertainty environment. Despite you have chosen a lonely path, but if you are willing to stick to it, you will reap all the benefits at the end of the process. You will start getting the recognition that you desire but it takes huge bravery and guts in order to succeed. On the contrary, you might choose not to breakthrough the boundaries, as you don't know the Untold secrets to train skills. " Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow know what you truly want to become." - The founder of multi-billions tech company Apple, Steve Jobs. The followings are the top 3 reasons why footballers should learn skills.

Gain Recognition And Respect From Others

As a footballer, the best thing in life is when people appreciate your existence as an important player in the team. By equipping extraordinary football skills, you will become the best playmaker or striker as you can break your opponents' defender wall by dribbling past them with unpredictable footwork skills. Your leg movement is probably too fast for your opponent to read and understand.

Increase ball controlling skills 

There are lots of people who have the misconception towards the sport of football freestyle. They thought football freestyle is just for showing off and it is not relavant to football. In contrast, those who understand the sport will gain lots of benefits from it. Football freestyle is a sport which utilize all parts of body muscles to control and juggle the ball. Hence, it will definitely enhance your ball controlling skills such as getting first touch or stopping a high ball by using foot or chest. Besides that, it will also strengthen your body flexibility which will enhance your pace and dribbling speed. 

Become special and confident

Being skillful will definitely boost your confidence level while playing football to a sky high level. You will no longer worry about getting a perfect first touch as you can stop the ball smoothly by using all parts of body such as chest, football or knee. You will no longer afraid of your opponent defenders as you have tons of footwork skills to dribble past them.

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