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The Untold Secrets To Train Football Skills

Published on : 07-02-19


Set A Clear Goal

Having a proper plan before you kick start your skills training can optimize your training performance and success rate of the tricks. Setting a goal means accomplish something within a pre-determined time frame. For instance, I want to improve my dribbling skills within 3 months. Hence, I have to form strategies such as learning from reliable sources and practice with right approaches so that I can improve my skills before the 3 months time period lapse. In advance level of skills training, setting a clear long term goal plays a vital role in increasing the success rate of advance trick as some of the skills are interrelated.

Learn From Reliable Sources

Now you have set your goal and you clearly understand what are the desired skills that you want to learn within a time frame. Thus, we shall proceed to the next step. In order to learn the skills, you have to find some tutorials that will provide you the guidelines. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can access to ample of tutorials related to football skills in YouTube. The drawback of this approach is that you do not know where to begin as they dont organize the information for you properly and sometimes you will struggle to understand the tutorials due to vagueness of the explanation. This will definitely increase the risk of injuries and failure rate hence result in demotivation. On the other hand, D Skills Academy has sorted the program for you with clear explanation for all the skills. This will result in time saving as you can void all the cumbersome researches as well as trial and error process. Besides that, our coaches will guide you step by step throughout the program until you fully understand all the skills.

Practice With Right Approaches

Finally you have set your goal, chosen the most reliable source to learn from and you are ready to begin your skills training. However, you must practice with the right approaches in order to maximize your training effectiveness. 

Don'ts While Training Football Skills


1. Scatter-gun approach - Most of the people like to practice football skills based on this approach as they like to rush and learn many tricks at once. This greediness will only reduce the efficiency of the training and none of the football skills will be mastered at the end of the day. It is important to allocate sufficient and quality time for each trick (for instance 30 minutes for juggling) before moving to another trick.


2. Shortcut approach - Most of the people like to practice football skills based on this approach as they want to rush to achieve most ultimate or advanced trick in a short period of time. This kind of training approach will cost you in the long term as it will increase the risk of injuries, execution of tricks with poor style or form. It is essential to learn the football skills step by step from fundamental level in order to build solid foundation before moving to advanced level. 


Do's While Training Football Skills


1. Focus approach - Consistency - The rule of thumb of training football skills is to master one trick at one time before moving to another. There is a big difference between learning and mastering a trick. Learning a trick indicates the ability to execute a trick while mastering a trick indicates the ability to execute a trick repetitively with perfect style and without failure.

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