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DFFC 2016 Panna Champion's Interview

Published on : 06-02-17

Quick interview with the panna champ

Our academy's annual inhouse competition D.F.FC 2016 had ended on a high note last year on 09 December 2016 at Lot 10 Shopping Complex. We are fortunate enough to have a quick interview with the champion for the Panna category, Vishnu Pillay (center) from our weekend class at Kota Damansara to discuss about his strategies of winning of competition and stance on the sport.

Once again a big congratulation for winning the DFFC 2016 Panna Catogeries . Can you share with us your training secrets and battle strategies in winning the title? 


Thank you . Firstly , i will learn how to do a panna skill and when i master that skill , i will try to apply it in futsal and football matches . As for my battle strategies , i know as long as i don't get panna or don't concede more goals that i score then i will win but ofcourse my main aim is to panna the opponent and kill the game as fast as i can.  


In your perspective, what is the critical success factors in winning Panna?

The critical success factor in winning a panna game is by pannaing your opponent as fast as you can or by scoring more goals than your opponent within the 3 minutes played.


By learning Panna techniques, will it improve your football gameplay skills?

It will improve your game very well . Infact its like a plus point for you over the other players who have not learnt these panna techniques. 

Do you get any supports or advice in learning the Panna techniques?

All my support and advices in learning the panna techniques are from my coaches . Their encouragement for me to learn the panna techniques is the only reason that made me win this competition. Without them i will not be able to do such panna skills.

What's your vision in Panna and woud you recommend this sport for the youngster? If yes why.

My vision in panna is unimaginable . Words can't describe how i love this part of freestyle football . I am sure youngsters will love this sport.

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