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Learn From Home

D Skills Academy

World’s leading football academy which offer online live football coaching, focusing on dribbling, control and fitness skills that students can practice effectively and safely at home with minimum space

Live Workshop

On-demand and home friendly live football workshop built for 7-16 years old students that aim to simplify and accelerate your football skills learning journey

What You Will Learn

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Dribbling Skills

You will learn how to maneuver the ball like a pro by learning more than 300 varieties of effective dribbling and nutmeg techniques

Find Workshop

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Junior Workshop

Fun and interactive football skills program crafted for 7 to 12 years old Juniors

Senior Workshop

Fun and interactive football skills program crafted for 13 to 16 years old Seniors

Trial Workshop

Experience our live football workshop with minimum upfront fee 

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Ready to Kickstart?

Learning Experience

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VR and Realtime Feedback

Exciting and cutting edge virtual reality content to keep you engaged throughout the live coaching session, whilst receive realtime feedback from our experienced coaches


Musicality and Games

Ready to immerse in highly engaging and contagious music and beats during the fitness workout session and prepare to exercise your brain with our thoughtfully designed football related mind games

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Reward Based Training

Stand a chance to walk away with prizes and get featured on our social website by submitting your training videos to us

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Ready to Kickstart?

Starter Kit

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Football and ball pump can be purchased optionally and be delivered to your house within 7 working days

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You will receive a thoughtfully crafted E-Book through email which can be used to keep track of your learning progress

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You will receive new weekly football skills recap and motivational videos which are done by our coaches to watch and train at home

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More Information?

What Our Students Say

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Kwek Yi Zhe

"I manage to dribble past all my peers after joining D Skills. Now I am the main playmaker of my school team!"

As Featured On

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What Our Parents Say

“Speak frankly I was quite skeptical about the online live football class at the beginning. But it turned out my son like it very much due to the thoughtful ideas put in the class. My son learnt lot of dribbling skills from the workshop and he liked it very much. Well done guys.” 

Desmond Lee

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