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Messages From D Skills Academy Founders

Published on : 21-06-16

What Is The Objective Of Founding D Skills Academy

One of the prime reason of founding D Skills Academy is to create awareness of the sport of football skills such as uptrending football dribbling techniques, panna and freestyle skills among youth through our genuine, structured, high quality and effective program. 


For the past decades, football skills are actually keep changing and influencing the career of footballers and people's life around the world, but only a few realize it. They are niche skills refered to the abilitiy of dribbling the ball past opponents by using complex footwork touches and controlling the ball by using all parts of body. Football skills are indeed one of the prime career success factors for lots of well known professional football players today such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Nevertheless, we realize that they are oftenly not included in the program syllabus of ordinary football academies in the market due to technicalities of the skills.


Besides that, we have also introduced panna and freestyle skills into our program. They are both independent sports from football and also the most exciting sports that are ever created in 21st century. Panna Knockout is a fun and thrilling competition wherby 2 players will face off each other in a cage with 2 small goal posts held seperately at each corner. The contesters can win the game by either scoring the most goal or panna his opponent within 3 minutes. Panna, which is also known as Ole or Nutmeg indicates passing the ball through the middle of opponent's leg. In our program, we will teach our students the close range ball dribbling skill, which is also known as groundmoves, to dribble the ball effectively in small contraint space and panna opponents.

On the other hand, football freestyle is a new, trendy and fast growing sport in the world which is originated from Europe countries when people actually start juggling the ball and perform all kinds of amazing tricks by using all body parts. Today, it has evolved to become one of the mainstream sport in the world after the witness of success of international football freestyle competition such as RBSS, WFFC and Superball which are held in lots of countries around the world annually. Following by that, it has also become a niche career for lots of Youtubers in the world such as Sean Garnier, F2 freestylers and Skillstwins which generate tons of money through posting skills videos on their youtube channel. 

In a nutshell, the program of D Skills Academy is not only going to add value to the youth's football gameplay skills but also open them up different and brand new perspectives towards football through panna and freestyle skills. It is definitely a 21st century football skills program that is highly recommended for youth!

What Is The Company Vision For Next 5 Years

One of the company ultimate vision is to make D Skills Academy program available globally and become an international football skills franchise program.  Currently, we are offering our program in 9 international schools in Malaysia and 3 training centers in Klang Valley areas during the weekends. To ensure our vision is attainable within the next 5 years time, we have applied Kaizen spirit throughout our business process from our program design to customer service. We never stop improving ourselves by receiving feedback from students and parents regarding to our program. Besides that, we also assure the quality of the coaches by conducting tight screening process during the pre-employment stage and provide relevant company training during the post employment phase. We are always improving our program and services to assure the students have the best skills learning experiences with us.

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