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DFFC 2016 Freestyle Football and Panna Competition Blog

Published on : 15-12-16

Another Successful Event That Will Be Remembered

Our academy's annual inhouse competition D.F.FC 2016 (D Skills Freestyle Football Championship) had ended on a high note on last Friday (09 December 2016) at Lot 10, rooftop.  Despite lots of absentees due to clashes of school holiday seasons, the number of participants had increased as compared to previous year. We had students that came from Tenby International School, Wesley Methodist School, KDU International School, Sri KL international School, Mars International School, British International School and SMK BU3. This year, there were two types of competitions that are open for students to join. The first one is always our classic Freestyle Football Championship. The title was taken by Chi Heim Wong from Tenby International School after defeating his strong opponent Khye Yueh Law in the final. Following that, we had installed a brand new competition this year which is Panna Knockout and it had received a great feedback from the students. After a long intensive competition, Vishnu was crowned as the champion for DFFC Panna Knocout 2016 after he nutmeg his opponent Alrik in less than 30 seconds in the final. In a nutshell, it was another successful competition organized by D Skills Academy. For those students who didn't excel in the competition, please do not feel disappointed as we're going to organize more competitions in the future! You might need to revise your existing skills training methods, kindly refer to our articles or consult your respective D Skills Academy coaches for further advice on how to improve your performance in competition. Kindly read the paragraph below for full report of the competitions.

The Battle Of Heroes In D Skills Academy

All the students who had taken part in the Freestyle Football Competition are deserved to be named as the heroes of DFFC. This is because freestyle football is a performing sport which requires lots of determination, discipline, practice and guts in order to perform the difficult tricks in front of the audiences and judges. The competition started off with a special and exciting performance by current Malaysia Freestyle Football Champion, Faiq. He was also one of the head judges for the competition, followed by the founders of D Skills Academy, Patrick and CP Saw. After the performance, all the players were called for a briefing about the dos and don'ts during the competition. The competition commenced right after the briefing. Basically, the competition is divided into two phases which are routine performance and battle rounds. The participants have to take turn and perform his freestyle football routine for 1 minute during the routine round and the judges are going to decide their seeding during the battle rounds. For instance, the 1st place in routine round is going to versus the last. In overall, all the participants had shown a decent performance during the routine round. The DFFC freestyle football champion last year, Daryl took a strong lead by winning the first place during the routine round. The organizer were glad to see lots of new faces for the competition this year such as Desmond, Zhen Hang and Firdaus and they all had done an amazing job. After 10 minutes judges' discussion , the competition proceed into the phase 2, the battle rounds. The intensity of the competition had escalated to another peak point as the participants did not know who are they going to versus until the judges announced it. During the semifinal, Chi Heim surprisingly defeated the ex-champion Daryl after his stable and extraordinary performance in that battle round. Most of the participants were nervous thus kept dropping the ball during the battle rounds and this would actually cost them lots of marks. Chi Heim eventually won the title and walked away with prizes such as Kipsta bag, Adidas Matchball and trophy after he defeated his strong opponent Khye Yueh in the final. The latter did pull out some really creative moves which amazed the judges but unfortunately he had too many ball drops in his rounds. In conclusion, the judges thought that all the participants should work on the stability of the tricks and they might need to revise their training methods accordingly. Hence, kindly refer to our articles or consult your respective D Skills Academy coaches for further advice on how to improve your performance in competition. 

3 Minutes Of Adrenaline Rush

This year we had installed a brand new game into our competition which is the long waited, Panna Knockout! This competition had definitely driven lots of student's participation as compared to Freestyle Football. This Europe originated 1 versus 1 game was specially designed for individuals who love to do skills. The player can defeat his opponent by either nutmeg his opponent or score the most goals within 3 minutes. The competition commenced right after the participants' ballot. The organizer were glad to see lots of students actually applied what they've learnt in the class during the Panna game. Besides, some students ended the game within 3 minutes by giving their opponents a technical nutmeg. After a long intense competition, Vishnu was crowned as the champion for DFFC Panna Knocout 2016 and he walked away with Kipsta bag, streetball and trophy after he nutmeg his opponent Alrik in less than 30 seconds in the final. Due to the huge success of the Panna competition, the organizer had decided to organize another one in the early year of 2017. Hence, all the students who missed the competition please stay tune for the updates in our official Facebook page.

A Big Thank You To Our Venue Sponsor Lot 10 Shopping Mall Complex

Last but not least, we would like to say thank you to our venue sponsor Lot 10 Shopping Mall Complex for sponsoring the rooftop as our competition venue. Our competition will not be successful without your great support. Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur is the region's best shopping complex featuring the best products and places for KL urbanites. It's definitely a great family hideouts during the upcoming holidays! Kindly visit their official website at to find out more about the shopping complex's stores and restaurants!

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