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Sean Garnier - Football Skills Hall of Fame

Published on : 09-08-16

Successful Career Of Becoming A Football Skills Athlete

Arnaud "Séan" Garnier (born in Sens, France on 18 June 1984) is a French freestyle footballer. He began as an association football player, notably for Auxerre and Troyes, but his professional career was cut short due to injuries.

In 2006, Garnier studied to become a football instructor and started a program of urban freestyle art gaining great fame with his own style and unique skills. He was taught by the current world champion Benjamin Aw. In 2008, he was declared World Champion at the inaugural Red Bull Street Style World Finals in São Paulo, Brazil. Séan has creatively combined music, breakdance, somersaults, various football and basketball elements to his attractive routines. 


After the huge victory in 2008, he had formed his own team dubbed Street Style Society also called S3 Crew, which combines freestyle football, freestyle basketball as well as some other street sport styles. Séan Garnier and his crew members are oftenly invited to large corporate events as guest football freestyle performers. In addition to performing at freestyle football shows, he also practise this sportive discipline in matches, such as street soccer, futsal, profutsal or panna. He is currently the captain of French profutsal team Massaliotes. Today, he is living as a full-time football skills athlete and is generating lucrative 6 figures income on monthly basis. He has collected his revenue from different sources such as ambassador fee for famous sports brand, corporate performances, Youtube channel views and Facebook page. In a nutshell, Sean Garnier is the living football skills icon in 21st century that continue to inspire more aspiring individuals to involve in this amazing sport.

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