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What's New in D Skills Academy

Published on : 19-07-16

Major Program Amendments And Brand New Program E-Books

In contemplation of aligning with our company mission of continuous improvement on program quality, we have made several major amendments and upgrades on our program modules based on the feedback from parents, students and previous students' assessment performance. Some of the advanced tricks from the inception level will be shifted to subsequent levels and they will be replaced with other up-trending dribbling techniques. This new module will focus more to the application part of the dribbling techniques that can be applied in the real match. Besides that, there are plenty of new mini games that are related to the football skills will be installled to our program. The ratio of football dribbling skills and freestyle skills will still be kept at the ratio of 50 : 50.

The second major changes is the student handbook. Formely, the participants of our program will receive a student handbook to keep track of their learning curve. It is a training assignment attached with different KPIs for the participants to complete at home. Nonetheless, the old student handbook will be scrapped effective from September 2016. It will be replaced with brand new E-Book with more editorial designs which contain performance target for each trick and tons of useful articles for training football skills. The E-book is available in PDF file and can be viewed via desktop computer, laptop, tablets or mobile. It will be sent to students via email at the begining of the course. The E-Book is currently in the finalizing stage. The full details and information about the E-Book will be disclosed on our official facebook page and website soon.

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