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Enter The Japan Football Freestyle World

Published on : 12-07-16

Yosuke, 2008 Japan Football Freestyle Champion, showing his signature move

An Innovative And Stylish Twist In Football Skills

Japan, being the third-largest economy in the world after US and China, doesn't succeed for no reasons. Today, they have contributed in number of fields such as digital, electronics, robotics. animation through their Kaizen spirit (continous improvement) and innovative spirit. Fortunately, the same spirit is inherited in the football freestyle scene in Japan. When the football freestyle was first introduced in the world, most of the football freestylers only practice long airmoves and upper combos and there are not much breakthroughs that happen in the scene. Although the combos are technically hard to be achieved, but they might be too repetitve, predictable ad boring in the perspective of audience and judges. Nevertheless, the scene has reached its turning point while the first football freestyle competition (Red Bull Street Style) is held in Japan at 2008.  The first generation of japanese freestylers, Kengo, Yori, Nao and Yosuke have competed on the same stage and at last the title is won by Yosuke. He has shown great creativityy during the competition by combining acrobatic moves such as handstand, backflip and freeze moves into his freestyle routine. His style has great implication on the new generation of football freestyle athletes in Japan and Western Countries. 

Tokura, RBSS 2012 champion. celebrates his victory with the crowds

Rise of Japanese Football Freestyle In The World

The japanese football freestyle scene has finally proven to the world of its uniqueness and creativity in football freestyle after the world football freestyle champion victory by Tokura in Italy at 2012. He has shown great combination of acrobatic moves with football freestyle and airmoves combos during the competiiton. The competition reached the climax after he revealed his ultimate move, 'Tokura Backflip Catch' (juggle, tap the ball high and catch the ball in the midth of the air while doing backflip) in the eyes of the world. Nevertheless, Tokura has met his bottleneck as a competitive athelete since he won the world champion title as he has been lacking of new ideas and there are lots of other freestylers who start improvising and shadowing his signature moves. He is also tied up with packed performance schedule after becoming famous which result in decreasing of practice time. Nevertheless, he is still the icon of football freestyle in Japan.

The Next Rising Star And Present Football Skills Scene In Japan

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