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DFFC 2016 Freestyle Champion's Interview

Published on : 08-02-17

Quick interview with the freestyle football champion

Our academy's annual inhouse competition D.F.FC 2016 had ended on a high note last year on 09 December 2016 at Lot 10 Shopping Complex. We are fortunate enough to have a quick interview with the champion of the Freestyle category, Chi Heim Wong from Tenby School Setia Eco Park to discuss about his strategies of winning the competition and stance on the sport.

Once again a big congratulation for winning the DFFC 2016 Freestyle Catogeries . Can you share with us your training secrets and battle strategies in winning the title? 


Actually me as a freestyler when I train my tricks, I will train all round tricks from uppers to sit downs consistently every evening. I normally train for around an hour per day and I think it is good enough, because I will get very exhausted after an hour of training. Everyone will have their own limit for their training duration per day. There is no point pushing myself to continue training more as my body cannot cope with it and I will end up failing many of the tricks that I can normally do. I also dun want to end up having muscle pain and cannot training freestyle the next day. For my battle strategies, I will always need to understand my opponent's strengths and weaknesses and from there I can use it to counter my opponent. In order to become a champion, I must also make sure my routines are balanced and the routines need to have some good creativity, difficulty, consistency and flow. I will also try not to do tricks that I am not consistent with because the number of drops in the freestyle battle also affects me a lot when it comes to winning over my opponent, I will also create my own signature tricks so that it increases my chance of beating my opponents. Without repeating the same tricks over and over again is a main factor that I was crowned the champion of DFFC 2016. The way I make sure I don't repeat tricks is that I will first list down all the tricks and transitions that I can do consistently and I will try to combine at least two parts of freestyle (e.g. lower+ sit downs) for each routine that I planned. Since I know there are only maximum of three battles for DFFC 2016, I planned a total of 9 routines because each battle will have 3 routines. In all the 9 routines, I will also make sure I have different combinations of the parts of freestyle (uppers, sit downs, lowers, and blocks). After that, I will write down the tricks in my routines according to my plans.

Do you think the sport of freestyle football has changed your life positively? If yes why?

Freestyle football has changed my life positively. I do start to think more positively as I am getting more famous around the school all because of freestyle football. This really motivates me to push even further not just in freestyle football and also in my studies.


Do you get any supports or advice throughout your freestyle football journey?

Yes, I do get a lot of supports and advice throughout my freestyle football journey. I get many supports from my parents and students in school. I also like to thank my freestyle football friends and D Skills Academy for helping me and giving me many advice in my freestyle football journey. Without them, I wouldn’t have won DFFC 2016.

What's your vision in freestyle football and would you recommend this sport for the youngster? If yes why.

My vision in freestyle football is that I want to be the world champion, I will continue to train hard and push myself above my limits. I would highly recommend this sport for the youngster because freestyle football helps to build our friendship, confidence, focus and many more which applies to our daily life.

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