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Enter The World Of Panna ( "Ole" / Nutmeg )

Published on : 23-06-16

Origin Of Panna And How It Works

Panna, which is also known as Ole or nutmeg, is a fun and thriling football skill that is ever created in the history. It indicates passing the ball through the middle of opponent's leg. This skill was first found being used by professional football players to dribble past their opponents in the match. Timing with superior precision and techniques are both equally important for the perfect execution of Panna. The attacking player has to induce his opponent to open legs wide by using various techniques, then he will tap the ball to panna and thus dribble past his opponents. Today, this technique is widely used in football and futsal games. Panna has also become a great social game during the recess time while two players challenge each other for a panna match. Panna is viewed as the ultimate goal and the first person who panna his opponent win the game.

Panna Knockout Competition held at Den Helder, Netherlands in 2014

Development Of Panna Knockout Competition And Groundmove

Due to the popularity of this skill, people has started to design a contest specially catered for Panna only. It is known as the Panna knockout (Panna K.O.) competition. It is a fast, exciting and adrenaline rush competition whereby 2 players will face off each other in a cage with 2 small goal posts held at each corner. The contesters can win the game by either scoring the most goals or panna his opponent within 3 minutes. In order to control the ball smoothly in a cage with small space contraint, a new close ball controlling skill is developed which is known as the groundmove. It involves complex footwork dribbling movement in order to keep the ball close to feet and take possession of the ball. Besides, groundmove is also used as a powerful tool to humuliate and deceive opponent to open his leg wide during the Panna competiiton.

Shiou, 11 years old Panna athelete from Japan

It's Beyond Scoring Goals, It's About Style, Character And Technique

Today, the Panna knockout compeition has been held regularly at countries such as Amsterdam, Holland, Belgium, US, France, Denmark, UK, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The most recent international Panna competition was taken place in Denmark, Copenhagen Panna House on early June 2016. The top 16 top panna atheletes including Soufiane Bencok, Gomez, Jeand Doest, Nabil and Yusuke Nagai from different countries had been invited to compete for the champion title. The biggest surprise for the competition was definitely the youngest athelete of the competition, Shiou from Japan who is only 11 years old this year. His amazing performance in the competition has proven to the audience that age is not a constraining factor to start learning football skills from young. The competition had ended with high note as Ali Thamer Jassem was crowned as the champion and he had swept away 10,000 USD cash prizes after winning in the final round. In a nutshell, panna competition is beyond scoring goals, it's more towards personal styles, characters, techniques and confidence which are showcased by the atheletes in this unique game.      

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