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Best Training Spots For Football Skills

Published on : 20-07-16

Top 3 factors Of Choosing The Best Training Venue For Football Skills

Football skills training is a process which requires high amount of concentration skills and energy. Choosing the right venue is definitely one of the most prominent factors to optimize your training performance and efficiency. Based on research done on 500 football skills atheletes around the world, most of them prefer to practice at venues with less crowds and smooth surface ground. Generally, there are three important considerations while selecting your ideal training venue.

Training Venue Capacity

Most of the people will prefer spacious environment while training football skills as there are plenty of room for errors if the skills fail. Nevertheless, experts suggest that football skills atheletes should practice in venue with space constraint. This will prevent you from moving around unnecessarily while practising football skills which will ultimately improve your style and control in football skills. Besides that, you can reserve more enegy for your training as you can recover the ball easily after it drops. For instance, we always suggest our student to practices juggling against the wall. This is because the ball will bounce back to them if they miss or hit the ball too hard while practising juggling.


Degree of Friction Of The Ground

Grounds with high degree of friction such as tar road, cement and rubber ground are ideal for training dribbling, panna, groundmoves, uppermoves and airmoves. These types of ground will decrease the risk of slipping down which may result in injuries. In additon, it will increase your grip and touches of the football while doing dribbling skills. On the other hand, ground wiith smooth surface such as wooden and tiles ground are ideal for training sitdowns.  This will derease the risk of injuring your buttocks due to long duration of sitting down on the floor while practising tricks. 

Air Ventilation & Crowds' Density

Places with great air ventilation system such as open air park/garden and football field are definitely great spots for training football skills. It will provide sufficient oxygen to your body to generate ATPs that will be converted into enegy for your training needs. Furthermore, training venue with low crowds' density willl optimize your training performance. You can't afford to have distractions or sounds disturbance that will affect your mind and concentration level while training football skills. In a nutshell, choosing the right venue is a good kickstart of your football skills training while the suggestions above can be served as guidelines for your next training venue.

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